Free Art Classes for Children and Adults!

The Lot 23 Artist in Residence Program provides free community classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, dance, photography, instrumental music, and more! A talented group of local professional artists teach the Lot 23 classes as they live and practice their art forms in Northwood Village. Lot 23 classes follow 12-week seasonal class schedules that begin in January, April, July, and October. Refer to the class descriptions below for class schedule, location and age restrictions.

Upon completion of the Lot 23 Sign-Up, the participant or participant’s parent/legal guardian consents that photographs, audio and video containing the participant during class may be used by The Center for Creative Education for purposes of class documentation, media coverage, and promotion of The Center for Creative Education.  Upon signing this document, the participant or participant’s parent/legal guardian acknowledges that they have read, understand, and consent to the In-House Policies and Procedures of The Center for Creative Education.





Digital Photography 101

Ages:               Adult (18 & up)

Time:              Thursday 6-8 PM

Location:        Lot 23 Studio, 550 Northwood Road

Learn the techniques needed to create beautiful photography in this fun workshop! No camera? No problem! Bring your mobile device and start taking better photos today! The class will cover different elements of photography through new projects every week.  Portraiture, working with natural light, long exposure photography, landscape photography, street photography, cityscapes, and fine art photography are just some of the many topics to cover.  Participants will have access to CCE iPads or they can bring any digital device with the ability to take pictures.




Introduction to Ukulele

Ages:               10 & up (with parents/caregivers)

Time:              Wednesday 5-6 PM

Location:        CCE

Learn the basic techniques of playing the ukulele by learning classic and contemporary ukulele songs.  The class will cover helpful skills such as tuning, understanding and reading tablature, timing, chords, rhythm, and strumming techniques found in these fun songs! Each song has been carefully selected to uncover new techniques and chords to expand the students’ knowledge in a very fun way. Ukuleles are provided.
Acoustic Guitar Basics
Ages:               Teen/Adult (13 & up)

Time:              Wednesday 6-7 PM

Location:        CCE

This class will cover everything you need to get started playing guitar. Students will learn how to play the guitar as well as proper guitar maintenance and care.  We will explore the guitar from its physical attributes, to learning posture, exercises to strengthen hands and fingers, chords, strumming, finger picking, songwriting, lead guitar techniques and much more! Students will need to bring their own guitar or inquire in advance about instrument availability.


Drumming 101

Ages:               Teen/Adult (13 & up)

Time:              Tuesday 7-8 PM

Location:        CCE

This beginner’s music class will introduce students to percussion technique, reading music, and rhythm. Learn foundation skills necessary for playing all percussion instruments including hand drums, mallet instruments (xylophone, marimba), auxiliaries, and the drum set.




Capoeira: Brazilian Martial Art

Ages:               Teen/Adult (13 & up)

Time:              Tuesday 6-7 PM

Location:        CCE

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art practiced to music. Often described as a dance as well as a game, this unique art combines acrobatics, self-defense, singing, history, live music, and play. Students will learn the basic moves of capoeira.


Dance for Homeschoolers

Ages:               5-8 –     Tuesday 1-3 PM

                         9-12 –   Thursday 1-2 PM

Location:        CCE

Dance for Homeschoolers is a class that offers ballet and jazz fundamentals on Tuesdays for 9-12 year olds.  Thursdays will offer creative movement / pre-ballet for 5-8 year olds.  These classes are to provide a basic understanding of the fundamentals of ballet and jazz dance, the vocabulary involved, the anatomy that makes the movement happen, and an appreciation of music and rhythm.  This class aims to show how dance can be a creative outlet for using our bodies to create art.




Acrylic Innovations

Ages:               Adult (16 & up)

Time:              Wednesday 5-7 PM

Location:        CCE

Students will explore numerous techniques for manipulating this challenging medium. The class will cover several blending techniques that will allow the student to achieve beautiful highlights and shadows in their work. There will also be time spent on alternative practices that are “outside of the box” or unconventional, that Craig has developed over the past 20+ years. The class will also shine light on painting basics including mixing, mediums and color theory.


Art for Homeschoolers

Ages:               5-8 –     Tuesday 1 PM-3 PM

                         9-12 –   Thursday 1 PM-2 PM

Location:        CCE

Give your homeschool student the opportunity to nourish their creativity and explore techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpting.


Drawing and Painting from Life

Ages:               Adult (18 & up)

Time:              Wednesday 6-8 PM

Location:        Lot 23 Studio, 550 Northwood Road

Learn drawing and painting techniques and how to capture the beauty of your subject matter through live observation.


Drawing Fundamentals

Ages:               Adult (16 & up)

Time:              Tuesday 5-7 PM

Location:        CCE

Learn the basic elements of drawing including: line, shape, form, texture, value and space, in fun and interesting ways. We will also explore more advanced techniques and skills such as anatomy, portraiture, and perspective. Skills will be built through ongoing projects that help to develop each artist’s needs while meeting artistic goals.


Plein Air Painting

Ages:               Adult (18 & up)

Time:              Saturday 1-4 PM

Location:        Lot 23 Studio, 550 Northwood Road

Leave the four walls of your studio behind and paint in the open air of the landscape. Learn drawing and painting techniques while getting some fresh air and exploring a different location or getting a fresh perspective on the old neighborhood each week.


Sculpture & Mixed Media

Ages:               Adult (16 & up)

Time:              Monday 6-7:30 PM

Location:        CCE

Sculpture and Mixed Media is designed to provide the basic skills of 2 and 3 dimensional art.  Students will have the opportunity to create wonderful pieces of art with a variety of materials such as clay, cardboard, paint and an array of recycled material.  Painting, printmaking, and collage/assemblage techniques and mediums will also be explored.  An important goal of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to learn new skills or reawaken their past joy and talent in the three-dimensional arts. This course is open to families with children as well as adults. Projects will be tailored to meet each student’s skill level and interests.


Comic Book Art

Ages:               Teen/Adult (13 & up)

Time:              Thursday 6-8 PM

Location:        CCE

Create your own fictional characters, develop a story, and work towards a finished visual narrative project. From sketches to finalized sequential art, with traditional and digital tools, students will be guided by a professional comic book artist.