Kennedi’s Story

“CCE gives a lot of opportunities that someone like me never thought I’d have”
-Kennedi English

Dear Friend,

As we get into the Holiday Season and think about where our giving may best serve, let me tell you about one of our students at the Center for Creative Education, a girl in her teenage years, Kennedi English. When Kennedi first arrived at CCE, she was withdrawn and quiet. When she attended class, she would sit at her desk and put her head down between her arms. Little by little one of our teaching artists started a conversation with her and learned the specifics of the incident which had traumatized her to the point where she was unable to do her schoolwork successfully nor socialize with others.

Kennedi had witnessed a tragedy within her family as a young child, the memories of this tragic incident plagued her, and she lived a life of great social, economic, and familial difficulty. The details of the event which marked her in a negative way were the witnessing of a fatal crime committed by her father.

One of our teaching artists presented Kennedi with the task of creating a short film/video regarding her relationship with her father now in prison. He suggested that he could play the part of the father who was in prison and that they could have a one on one dialogue where the student would have a chance to ask the questions that haunted her and to share the thoughts that were overwhelming her.

The process, which at times was very difficult, was seen through to the end, and became something that created enthusiasm and hope in Kennedi for the first time since she came to us. The end result was a compelling, groundbreaking, profound piece-both documentary as well as cathartic essay. Kennedi has come a very long way. I met with her recently and observed a happy, outgoing, smart and eloquent young woman who is doing well in school as well as socially. The change was profound. When I approached Kennedi to ask if it would be alright to share her story and take her photograph for our letter to you, she said she would be happy to help and was grateful that I had asked.

Pictured is Kennedi and we are very proud of her growth, progress, and humbled by her courage.

Everything we have accomplished has been thanks to your support. It is your gift that makes these programs possible. We currently serve over 9,000 students annually and continue to grow. We ask that you please, make a gift today. You can mail a check, give online, or call (561) 805-9927. This will allow us to keep going, growing, and effecting positive change in students’ lives!


Robert Hamon
President & CEO