This week marked the end of the first half of the year and the start of winter break. But before we sent families off to enjoy the holiday season, The Foundations School hosted an art gallery showcasing student work. Parents and families were invited to see what their children have been working on for the last five months. 

The event was exciting. Student art exhibits included self-portraits painted by the third grade class, a historic Pueblo village that the second grade class molded out of clay, a shadow puppet show performed by the first grade class, and a collage inspired by the work of Henri Matisse, created by the kindergarten class. 

Students walked parents, siblings, grandparents, and more through the gallery, eagerly explaining how they did each project and telling their families about the friends they made along the way. When they finished walking through, they picked up a holiday treat and a present that the students made in class before heading off to enjoy the winter holiday. 

Events like this allow families to connect with the school and the lessons their children are learning in the classroom. It gives the students a sense of pride in themselves and their work, and it allows them to see what their friends in other classes have worked on throughout the year. The gallery brimmed with excitement—about what’s already happened and what’s still to come. 

Our first student gallery of the school year was a big success, and we can’t wait to welcome parents back next semester. And we’d like to wish a happy holidays to all our students and staff! We’ll see you in the new year! 

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