Learning with Technology

Today’s children are coming-of-age in a digital world. From the time they are born, digital devices and technology touch almost every aspect of a child’s life. And while the overuse or misuse of technology is a legitimate concern, technology is also a critical tool in the classroom. 

According to Walden University, “using devices like a computer, tablet, or other type of technology in your classroom can help turn traditionally dull subjects into interactive and fun activities.” They also allow for different types of learning, improve collaboration, and prepare children for the future. 

Building Blocks of Code

At CCE, we provide our students with access to state-of-the-art technology to help them pursue their educational and artistic goals. One recent example is our Kibo robots, which we introduced to our students at The Foundations School in all grades (K-3). Students learned about block coding with physical blocks, moving them around to send different instructions to the robots. The students played a game similar to “Simon Says,” where they had to give a series of specific directions to the robot. The students were engaged and learning, while also having lots of fun! 

Self-Expression Through Digital Art

Another recent example of technology use in the classroom happened in the third grade, where our students did a project on renowned quilt artist Bisa Butler. Students used digital tools like Photoshop to learn about Butler’s use of color and shading in her work, and then, they were able to use those same tools to create their own self-portraits done in Butler’s style. This project allowed our students to show off their creativity and learn about digital tools at the same time! 

As we prepare to move to our new campus this summer, technology remains at the forefront of our minds. At the Susan and Dom Telesco Arts and Science Center, students from The Foundations School and beyond will have access to a new Mac Lab, Makerspaces, and more. It is our hope that these new spaces will give our students more room for learning with technology and expanding their creative horizons.