At CCE, we understand the value of a good teacher. Through all the ups and downs, they are with our students on each step of their educational journey, helping them grow as scholars and as people. They take CCE’s unique approach to teaching and learning and make it a reality for our students in the classroom. 

Last week, The Foundations School celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week with a different theme each day. Throughout the week, students dressed up as a teacher, drew pictures for their teachers, gave them gifts, and even brought in treats and snacks! You can see some of the fun photos from the week below. 

At The Foundations School, small class sizes and an emphasis on building community bring our students and teachers even closer. One kindergarten parent, when talking about her daughter’s success at our school, said, “You guys just know her… Like when she’s sick, when she’s happy, when’s something’s not right… you guys just know her.”

After a week-long celebration, we hope that our teachers know how critical they are to our mission at CCE. But more importantly, we hope that our teachers know how much they mean to our students and their families. At The Foundations School, our teachers are changing lives every day and giving our students the tools to build a bright future. 

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