It has officially been two weeks since we said goodbye to our students at The Foundations School for the summer break. While we hope that our students are enjoying the time off, we also want to make sure that they stay engaged academically during the long break. That’s why we’ve created the “Literacy & Art Choice Board,” a bundle of summer activities that will keep our students learning until they return to the classroom this fall.  

The Importance of Summer Learning

Summer learning is important for preventing learning loss and keeping students engaged. It allows students to see how learning applies to their everyday lives and keeps their spirit of curiosity alive. 

According to a study by Harvard, low-income students tend to experience summer learning loss at a faster pace than their high-income counterparts. However, one of the best ways to combat this learning loss is through voluntary, at-home activities completed with family and friends. 

Our Summer Activity Board

At the start of summer, families at The Foundations School received digital access to the “Literacy & Art Choice Board.” This activity board provides families with 20 different activities that they can complete, including practicing site words, reading library books, making a musical instrument, and designing their own country. 

Each time that families fill out the Google form, showing that they’ve completed an activity, they will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win a prize. The first winner will be chosen at the end of June; the second at the end of July. 

These activities are designed to make sure that our students continue reading and thinking creatively while they’re away from school. We can’t wait to see what fun projects they dream up and what stories they explore during their summer break!