At The Foundations School, we are gearing up to start our second full academic year. In our first year, we made wonderful memories and accomplished many goals. Now, as we look ahead to year two, we’re excited to work with even more students and spark their creative and academic growth at our new campus. 

Where We Started

Center for Creative Education (CCE) founded The Foundations School in January 2021 to combat the literacy crisis in our community. In 2021, only 54% of Palm Beach County third graders were reading on or above grade level. That means that nearly half (46%) missed this critical milestone.

CCE took all the knowledge we gained from over 27 years providing afterschool, in-school, and in-house educational services, and transformed that into a full-day learning experience. Our unique approach to teaching and learning features small class sizes, regular assessment, and the use of the arts and creativity to break the barriers of traditional education. 

When we started the school year in August 2021, only 33% of third grade students at The Foundations School were reading on or above grade level. By the end of the year, that number rose to 67%. And individual students across all grades showed exceptional growth. For example, first-grader Namiko, who at the end of the year, was reading on a third grade level! 

Where We’re Going

In our second year, we’re looking forward to continuing to foster this growth. But The Foundations School will look a little different than it did when students left in May. In addition to welcoming our first-ever fourth grade class and expanding to serve more students than ever before, we will also be welcoming young learners to our brand-new campus in West Palm Beach. 

We’re looking forward to welcoming back familiar faces and ushering new students into our brand-new space, which we hope will feel like a second home. We’re excited to make new memories as we embark on our second year of transforming teaching and learning through creativity and the arts. 

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