Technology In The Classroom

Today’s children are raised in a world full of technology. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand it.

At The Foundations School, students in each grade spend 30 minutes with our Technology Integration Specialist, Joe Green. Mr. Green’s goal is to teach the students the basics of how technology works and how to use it. He starts the class with a discussion about a tech vocabulary word—for example, one recent word was RAM or Random-Access Memory. After talking through the definition with his students, Mr. Green shifted to the activities that the students do on their iPads. In addition to a Mac Lab, The Foundations School has an iPad for every student, which allows us to bring the digital world into the classroom with ease.

At this stage in the curriculum, students are practicing typing through an online program. Not only are they building their tech skills, but they’re also learning social-emotional skills like managing their emotions. And as they become more comfortable in the world of technology, Mr. Green plans on building out the curriculum into the world of digital citizenship, which will also further develop their social-emotional skills.

While these lessons specifically focus on teaching students about technology, CCE also works with teachers and staff to figure out the best way to integrate technology into other lessons, especially art-based curriculum. At CCE, we understand that when used effectively, technology can be a great tool in the classroom. And giving our students the opportunity to use these devices in an academic setting helps prepare them for the future.

Our focus on digital technology is one of the things that sets The Foundations School apart from other organizations. You can learn more about The Foundations School and our 10 Points of Differentiation here. You can read more about recent projects in the classroom here.