The Responsibility Awards

Merriam-Webster defines the word “responsible” as, in part, “able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations.” Responsibility is a key element of a child’s social-emotional development; teaching them to take ownership of their actions and make the best choices is critical to their success in the classroom and beyond.

January was “Responsibility Month” at The Foundations School. After spending the month learning about what it means to be responsible, the staff hosted an all-grades assembly, where students heard a book about responsibility read aloud and listened to the wise words of a guest speaker.

The book, That Rule Doesn’t Apply To Me by Julia Cook, tells the story of a boy named Noodle, who feels that the rules keep getting in his way. At first, he doesn’t think that the rules apply to him. But eventually, Noodle realizes that rules serve a purpose.

After the book, students heard from Sylvia Sharps, the Advancement Manager, Grants for CCE. In addition to her work at CCE, Ms. Sharps is an ordained minister, an author, and a national speaker. Through her stories, she talked to the students about what consequences are and how they impact our decision-making.

At the end of the assembly, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Teri Deyo handed out the “Responsibility Champion” awards. A student from each class was selected as the student who best displayed responsibility. Those students were each handed a lanyard and celebrated their success together with a pizza party and activities with Ms. Deyo.

Each month, The Foundations School will be focusing on a different social-emotional skill. February is “Self-Control Month.” We can’t wait to see who our next round of champions will be!

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