Black History Month: Living History Museum

Students at The Foundations School celebrate Black History Month with a living history museum.

In February, students at The Foundations School celebrated and explored Black History Month through books, creative projects, and more. Our second grade classes took on a particularly fun project: a living history museum. Each student studied a Black historic figure—some from the past, as well as some modern-day figures—and then became that person in a museum exhibit.

The project required the use of different academic and creative skills. Students had to do research on the life of their assigned historic figure, design an appropriate costume, draw a picture of the person, as well as write and memorize a script. Historic figures included Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, Simone Biles, Rosa Parks, and more.

The project culminated in a presentation in the school cafeteria. The student began their performance when a guest—in this case, school staff—pressed the cotton button on their display. Dressed in costume and with an image and text about the historic figure on display, students then recited a monologue about the person’s life and accomplishments. You can see some clips on our Instagram and TikTok accounts.

We are so proud of our talented second graders for showing off their hard work and creativity! The living history museum was an engaging and exciting way to celebrate Black History Month. If you’re interested in enrolling your child at The Foundations School, you can learn more here. Click here to see some more recent examples of our creative classroom projects.

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