‘Quarantimes’ a digital magazine for this day and age
(by our students):

Our student response to COVID-19 & Quarantine:
Quarantimes‘ a digital magazine about their daily lives during quarantine.
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Media Arts Programs

Media Arts programs for students in 6th-12th grade here at the Center for Creative Education:

These programs incorporate the “21st Century Skills” essential to prepare students for increasingly complex life and work environments which are:
Critical thinking.
+ Digital Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Media Arts supports the academic, social and creative growth of students by providing year round project-based learning and work-study opportunities in graphic arts, digital cinema, web design, and app development. The collaborative project based curriculum promotes healthy peer interactions, problem solving and positive self-expression. Decades of studies have shown after school arts programs significantly reduce instances of youth violence and social-emotional problems along with promoting engagement in school and academic success. We also provide digital literacy giving students the skills and experiences needed to succeed in our technology-driven information economy. Students gain digital media production competencies through creative and socially relevant visual storytelling projects.

Center for Creative Education Is Reinventing Education Through The Arts!

**Now accepting applications for our in-house, After-School Media Arts Programs!**

Media Arts-Connect – Technology infused, arts based curriculum for 6th graders through 8th graders.

Middle School aged students develop their digital media literacy and realize their talents in digital cinema, graphic arts and coding.

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Media Arts-Create – Real skills for real life! 9th grade through 12th grade.

High School aged students master their abilities in digital media and apply their talents on production teams with clients, as teaching assistants and to develop portfolios to be competitive in a technology-driven job market.

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Lectures and more – Get the story behind the picture

We host lectures, demonstrations and conversations to compliment the art exhibits in our gallery.

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Professional Development – Take it to another level

We offer Professional Development for artists, teaching artists and educators. Enhance your skills and learn the latest approaches.

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