C4 Students Showcase Their Movie Posters In The Gallery!

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C4 Connect Students + Sallie & Berton Korman Gallery

In May of 2018 CCE initiated a pilot project that combined the gallery and our in-house ‘C4’ Media Arts programming.  Students concluded their year in ‘C4’ Connect with a movie poster supporting a popular film they have selected and produced trailers for in Split Rock Studios at CCE. The supporting ‘Behind The Screen’ exhibition in the Sallie & Berton Korman Gallery provided creative inspiration to help the students achieve successful promotional posters.  Students learned to look at movie posters as commercial art. They analyzed posters for aesthetic content and design elements such as summary, sway and influence.  Students designed and created a poster of their own.
The student-created posters were then be exhibited in the gallery alongside the ‘Behind The Screen’ exhibition which were viewed by their peers and parents as part of the ‘C4’ year-end, culminating events.

Split Rock Studios at CCE offers innovative middle and high school media arts programs. The studio gives students access to software and equipment standard in the professional digital media production industry.  In this case students worked within Adobe Photoshop to create their movie posters.  Students in ‘C4’ Connect begin with little to no training with Photoshop.  The creation of these posters required students to apply their knowledge of Photoshop over the course of the year as well as to make use of new tools and techniques they’ve not utilized before.  These include cropping, inserting text, cutting/pasting, manipulating and creating layers, adding or changing colors, and arranging design elements within the digital artboard.  These basic to advanced tools and techniques allowed the students to produce their work.