C4 – Create
Media Arts

For High Schoolers (9th-12th Grade)
Mondays through Thursdays
4:30pm to 6:30pm

C4’s Create Curriculum is designed to introduce the tools of media production and analysis through creative and socially relevant visual storytelling.  Students will complete every phase of filmmaking, photography, digital graphics and coding, including storyboarding, directing, shooting, sound design and editing on Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud and NUKE.

Students master their abilities in digital media and apply their talents on production teams with clients, as teaching assistants and to develop portfolios to be competitive in a technology-driven job market.

The C4 Create program is designed to get you learning and creating at a pace that feels like you’re working in the real world.

Our facilities mirror professional working environments and offer an interactive, technology-driven learning experience.  You’ll become versed in industry technology and processes, and work on real projects to refine your professional skill set.

Applications include Final Cut Pro, Motion Photoshop, Nuke, Digital Cinema, Coding, Illustrator, Harmony, Animation, Canon, DJI, Storytelling, Web Design, Pro Tools, After Effects.

Project Samples:

Poster Design | Marketing Material for ‘Frida: Unmasked’

‘Swing!’ | Game created with coding

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