The Center for Creative Education uses the arts as a pathway to exploration, education and self-expression.

CCE offers a wide variety of educational art opportunities, whether in schools, at after-school sites or at our Center in Northwood Village.

We focus on three types of learning opportunities:

 IN SCHOOL : Team Teaching

CCE Teaching Artists work in partnership with a school’s classroom teachers, to integrate the arts with instruction of core subjects. Through singing, dancing, painting and other art forms, the artist/teacher team offer students a new way to understand and demonstrate knowledge of science, math, history and literacy. Together they follow the curriculum, while creating learning opportunities that lead the students to be more engaged, focused and excited about what they’re learning. This method of Arts Integration increases understanding and retention. Not to mention inspiring students to problem-solve and think creatively. Learn more about our in-school “LEAP” program:

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OUT-OF-SCHOOL : After-school and Summer school classes

During the critical after school hours we fill children’s time with constructive, creative and educational activities. Our Teaching Artists travel to after-school sites throughout Palm Beach County to provide classes that are fun, interesting and engaging. Our artists not only teach children art skills, they have the opportunity to reinforce other concepts the students are studying during the school day. CCE artists also act as mentors, encouraging life lessons like working together and compromising. Learn more about our after-school “CADRE” program:

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AT OUR CENTER : a place for Arts, Education and Culture

Come to our Center in West Palm Beach that is the home base for CCE activities. You can learn a new art skill, see a free art exhibit in the gallery, attend professional development classes or learn the latest about arts and culture. Some of our classes are free, others like the Discover Series offer generous scholarships. Our goal is to build the Center into a first-class arts, education and cultural resource that will increase opportunities and accessibility to the arts for all Palm Beach County citizens, especially our children. See our list of classes and activities:

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