In-School Programming

Our in-school program integrates the arts with academic curriculum to help students understand content areas such as science, language arts, social science and math through an art form. CCE Teaching Artists work in collaboration with a school’s classroom teachers, creating lesson plans and incorporating an art form to team-teach key concepts and lessons that can be difficult for students to master through traditional teaching methods.

The goal of our in-school programming is to help teachers and students meet curriculum requirements, while doing it in a creative, memorable and engaging way. Arts integration encourages students to move beyond basic knowledge and comprehension, into the realms of application, analysis, evaluation and creativity. A program unit is 10 sessions, with one hour per session. We offer classes to children from pre-K through 8th grade.


CCE supports in-school programming through grants and private donations. We are able to make a limited number of projects available to Title I schools at no charge. We ask schools to match these funds, which allow us to double the impact within the community, so more children can be reached with the programming.

Non-Title I public schools and private schools can obtain in-school programming on a fee basis.


If you are interested in applying to bring a teaching artist into your school for in-school, team teaching, please send your request to:

In-School Program Coordinators:

Ronni Gerstel –   |  Tracy Rosof-Petersen –   |  Kim Cozort Kay –