LOT23 Artist in Residence Program

The City of West Palm Beach invites artists to apply for their Artist in Residence program. These 1-year residencies provide artists reduced rent in the Lot 23 apartments in the art-centric neighborhood of Northwood Village. Resident artists have exclusive access and regular exhibition opportunities in the Lot Gallery and Studio. They also receive regular professional development opportunities through CCE.

In exchange for all the benefits artists receive through the Lot 23 program, they are required to provide a minimum of 20 hours per month of service to the community in the form of offering free classes and events in their area of expertise. These classes can be designed for children, teens, adults, or families and take place at CCE or one of the many venue sites in the Northwood Village and Pleasant City area.


Apply to be a LOT23 Artist in ResidenceLot23

Application- Smartform


Return application and provide photos of your work to the Center for Creative Education’s Manager of In-House Programs


Jerry Crank at JerryC@cceflorida.org   (phone) 561-805-9927   (fax) 561-805-9929

Or drop off your application at the Center at 425 24th St., Northwood Village, West Palm Beach, 33407