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Scholarship Support

Like so many other students, second grader Journie struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic when distance learning replaced in-person instruction at the end of the year.

CCE’s response to this shift in the educational landscape was to offer a summer program designed to help students get back to in-person, in-classroom learning. Journie’s Aunt Farrah was hired by CCE to teach in our summer Northwood Academy Academic Arts Camp. By her own admission, Farrah wanted to experience teaching in our program to see if it might be a good fit for Journie, especially since she had doubts about how impactful the arts are in education.

Happily, Journie’s experience here gave her a love for learning. She began asking her Mom not to pick her up early because she would miss her learning time. The program particularly changed her experience of reading. Today she asks her Mom to take her to the library for chapter books that she chooses to read over watching TV. Her excitement did not end with reading, it carried over into math, art, and the other subjects being taught.

By summer’s end, Journie did not want to return to her old school without arts integration. The only perfect thing she imagined adding would be convincing friends to attend classes with her at CCE.

Journie was just one of 44 students who attended Northwood Academy’s Academic Arts Camp.  Many of the other students discovered their love of learning as well. 97% of our students increased their reading skills by one or more reading levels, and 83% met two or more individualized math goals by the end of our summer program. We are proud to have helped each child to make up for two months of lost learning in a safe, structured summer program.

Here is how you can help students (and their families) with Scholarship Support today:

pays one student’s tuition for 1 year

pays one student’s tuition for ½ year

pays one student’s tuition for ¼ year

pays one student’s tuition for 1 month

pays one student’s annual registration fee

The greatest days for CCE’s students – our future – are ahead of us.  With your support, anything and everything is within reach.

You can play a vital role in CCE’s success and for that, we thank you.


With gratitude,

Robert L. Hamon
President & CEO

P.S.  Every student like Journie deserves a chance to succeed – can they count on your help today?