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Seventeen-year-old Samantha is a self-described, soft-spoken introvert, always keeping to herself.  Her family life wasn’t ideal.  She was abused and neglected, ending up in foster care and living in group homes for the past four years.  This past year “Sam” began attending CCE’s C4 Digital Media Arts and Technology after-school program.  As a foster child she lacked the finances for the program, but caring people like you saw the merit in helping students like Sam transform their futures by providing them with critically-needed scholarship funding.

Perhaps Samantha says it best: “CCE has given me a new family

CCE wants to provide students like Samantha with all the tools they need for a successful future.  Our In-House C4 program offers 3rd through 12th graders the opportunity to learn skills in high-demand areas such as web design and coding, media arts and digital cinema, sound design, visual arts, theater and more.  Statistically, 52% of our students’ families live in poverty; 75% of our students come from low-income households.  Foster children like Sam have even fewer financial resources.

Here is how you can help students (and their families) with Scholarship Support today:

pays one student’s tuition for 1 year

pays one student’s tuition for ½ year

pays one student’s tuition for ¼ year

pays one student’s tuition for 1 month

pays one student’s annual registration fee

The greatest days for CCE’s students – our future – are ahead of us.  With your support, anything and everything is within reach.

You can play a vital role in CCE’s success and for that, we thank you.


With gratitude,

Robert L. Hamon
President & CEO

P.S.  Every student like Samantha deserves a chance to succeed – can they count on your help today?