Learning is all about exploration, imagination and creative thinking. The Center for Creative Education engages children though the arts to unlock their potential.

CCE is an educational nonprofit that improves children’s academic abilities, creative-thinking and self-esteem. We use the arts as the foundation to explain traditional academic subjects in creative, memorable and engaging ways. Our Teaching Artists create a dynamic environment in the classroom by introducing singing, dancing or painting into the study of science, math, literacy and more.

How does that work?

We don’t all learn in the same way.  Children learn by exploring; by seeing, by doing and by becoming part of a project that makes the subject their own.  Project-based education lets students get their hands into learning. It inspires children to enjoy their education and participate more fully in it.

Working together on projects also encourages life skills like cooperation, compromise, team building and problem solving.


The Center for Creative Education’s mission is to empower our students to grow academically, creatively and socially through arts-based education.