Meet Our Teaching Artists

Every day CCE Teaching Artists are in classrooms fulfilling our mission of “Transforming teaching and learning through creativity and the arts...”

CCE teams with local, professional Teaching Artists to implement its programming at The Foundations School and in schools and afterschool sites throughout Palm Beach County. Our dedicated, talented artists work in classrooms from West Palm to Belle Glade and from Boca Raton to Jupiter.

Our Teaching Artists are partners to the educators we collaborate with and mentors and role models to the students we serve. Their mission is to help children gain a new perspective and develop skills by exploring their own creativity in a variety of artistic media.

CCE Teaching Artists have extensive expertise in their respective fields and are developed and monitored by our staff to ensure quality teaching standards. Their skills range from theater to puppetry, dance, cartooning, painting, music, video production and so much more!


Featuring Mr. Steve


A bald man in a plaid shirt, one of the teaching artists, standing in front of a wall.
Teaching Artist

Steve Brouse

A CCE Teaching Artist since 2005, Steve brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom. His educational background includes a B.A. in Art Education from Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY, as well as a Graphic Design Degree from the Community College of Finger Lakes. His expertise in the visual arts spans across various mediums such as oil and acrylic painting, illustration, muralism, and printmaking. Steve enjoys teaching and sharing his love of the arts with students.

A teaching artist in a blue shirt standing in an office.
Teaching Artist

Cecelia Daratany

Cece Daratany is an actress, costume designer, radio announcer, arts administrator, and educator whose multi-faceted career has taken her from Florida to Georgia, New York, New Jersey and back again.  She has worked with several local theatre companies, including Florida Stage, BRITT, Palm Beach Dramaworks, and The Kravis Center.  She earned her B.F.A. degree in Theatre from Florida State University and, more recently, teacher certification from Palm Beach State College, becoming a drama teacher in 2013.  She has been a CCE teaching artist since 2021.

A woman, who is one of the teaching artists, wearing a colorful necklace in front of a tree.
Teaching Artist

Kori Epps

Kori Epps holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Wisconsin and Bachelors of Arts in Dance and Communication from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She performed as a dancer in the Demetrius Klein Dance Company - Palm Beach County’s first modern dance company - for over fifteen years, also serving as Associate Artistic Director and Marketing Maven. She specializes in creative dance, along with dance integration - using movement and dance to teach academic concepts. Since 2010 she has taught in Palm Beach Public Elementary Schools and preschools. Kori attributes her creativity to growing up internationally (Brazil, the Caribbean, and Canada), thus experiencing various forms of education, and being influenced by artistic DIYers, two of which were her parents.

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Teaching Artist

Aaliyah Franklin

Aaliyah Franklin is a multi-modal artist specializing in vocal music. They have worked as a creative professional for over a decade, assisting individuals and organizations in creating life-changing artistic experiences. Aaliyah is a graduate of Bak MSOA and A.W. Dreyfoos School of Arts, and was a Music Education student at Florida A&M University before embarking on a journey of non-conventional study of the human instrument through their own pedagogy and practice. With 12 years of classical voice training, 20 years of performance experience, a 13-year career as a recording artist, and a lifelong interest in psychology, Aaliyah brings an intuitive newness to art education. Beyond teaching, they also enjoy providing services such as Music Production, Songwriting, Voiceover Artistry, Design and Creative Direction. 

A teaching artist with long brown hair smiling in front of a white wall.
Teaching Artist

Niki Fridh

Niki Fridh is a professional actor, arts educator, and culinary aficionado originally from Chicago, Illinois but who has lived in South Florida for most of her life. What began at a very young age as multifaceted performances for her friends and family, turned into a lifelong passion for the performing arts. Niki is a graduate from FAU and an award-winning actor who has graced stages across the state of Florida and is a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association. Niki has 20 years of experience as a teaching artist at institutions in the south florida community;  Gulf Stream School, The Kravis Center’s Annual Arts Camp, DeGeorge Academy, Boynton Beach School of Dance, Music & Drama, Arts Garage, Fantasy Theatre Factory, Blue Planet Writer’s Room and The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County.

A teaching artist in a grey jacket standing in an office.
Teaching Artist

Gabby Gomez

Gabby is a passionate and dedicated teaching artist who joined CCE in 2022. Originally from Bogota, Colombia, she moved to Florida at the age of 10. Gabby earned an associate degree in Fine Arts from Palm Beach State College and is currently pursuing a degree in Architecture at Florida State University. Gabby's teaching experience includes positions at the Norton Museum of Art and various non-profit organizations, such as the Children's Services Council. She firmly believes in prioritizing the creative process and experience over the final product, and she provides each student with the necessary guidance to help them develop their unique artistic abilities. Gabby plans to use her skills in architecture to build non-profit organizations or even start one of her own in the future.

A woman, who is one of the teaching artists, wears a burgundy turtleneck as she smiles in front of a wallpapered room.
Teaching Artist

Gaynelle Gosselin

Gaynelle Gosselin is a movement specialist with a keen interest in how mind and body interact in communication.  She co-founded See Change Dance, a group dedicated to creative process and dance improvisation. The group builds improvisation scores for performance, creates community based activist dance performances, and hosts meet ups for anyone who wishes to explore the creative impulse through dance improvisation. In addition to her work with CCE, Ms. Gosselin teaches in both the Theatre and Dance Departments at Palm Beach Atlantic University. She was a teaching artist for the School District of Palm Beach County from 2009-2014. Gaynelle is a certified teaching member of Alexander Technique International (ATI). Since 2006, she has been using ATI to help performing artists, aspiring artists, educators, and others learn to maximize presence, minimize performance anxiety, and enhance creativity and presentation skills. She has a MFA in Theatre and has performed with companies throughout South Florida like Demetrius Klein Dance Company, Palm Beach County’s oldest modern dance company.

A teaching artist wearing a red and white shirt.
Teaching Artist

Buckley Griffis

Nature has always been the greatest inspiration and teacher for Buckley, whose musical sensibility is a result of years of extensive world travel and immersion in various cultures. He has provided programs and played in a diverse range of venues, including schools, art centers, hospitals, nursing homes, juvenile detention centers, churches, temples, healing centers, festivals, private parties, and concert venues for almost 50 years, showcasing his expertise in playing drums and percussion instruments.

A young woman with long brown hair, wearing a green tank top and identified as one of the teaching artists, sits at a table looking to her right with a thoughtful expression.
Teaching Artist

Katherine Hoffman

Katherine Hofmann attended the Rhode Island School of Design, earning a BFA in Painting in 2023. She works as a mixed media water-colorist as well as in the sculptural mediums of kiln-cast glass and ceramics and views her sculptural work as extensions of her paintings.

A teaching artist in a black jacket standing in front of a wallpapered room.
Teaching Artist

Lisa Lohman

Lisa has been a Teaching Artist with CCE since 2022. Her certificates include a B.A. in Elementary Education and Fine Arts, and an M.A. in Reading Education as a Reading Specialist from Kean University in New Jersey. As an experienced teacher, Lisa has taught Grades K-8 as both a classroom teacher and a Reading Specialist. Her areas of expertise include acrylic painting, mural painting, and group paint parties for adults and children. Lisa enjoys her time spent with students as a Teaching Artist, and strongly supports CCE's philosophy where students can explore their creativity while making a meaningful connection to subject areas. 

A teaching artist stands confidently in front of a vibrant, colorful wall.
Teaching Artist

Lisa MacNamara

Lisa MacNamara is a successful fine artist and certified color consultant who has worked on various high-end commercial and residential projects in New York City and Florida. She completed dual majors in painting and sculpture at Arizona State University, is currently completing a Master of Fine Arts degree, and teaches art to K-12 students and adults in Phoenix and West Palm Beach. Lisa believes that imagination is a crucial aspect of life, as it has the power to encircle the world, in the words of Albert Einstein.

A woman wearing glasses smiles in front of a colorful wall, capturing the vibrant essence of teaching artists.
Teaching Artist

Madelyn Perara

Madelyn Perera is an energetic, creative artist who focuses on mental wellness. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Studio Art from Florida State University. Madelyn’s background is rooted in connecting art with the mind. She has years of experience serving children with varying levels of neurodiversity and socioeconomic backgrounds in therapy settings. Madelyn teaches about connecting with yourself, expressing how you feel, and moving through the different waves of life. She connects these concepts at developmentally appropriate rates that honor our students' pacing in development. Outside of teaching, Madelyn is pursuing her Master of Arts degree in Art Therapy through Antioch University.

A teaching artist with long dreadlocks wearing a green patterned shirt and a subtle smile, posing against a gray background.
Teaching Artist

Jashua Sa-Ra

Jashua Sa-Ra is an award-winning performance poet, author, event producer, host, lecturer, playwright, teaching artist, graphic designer, and musician. He has produced and/or hosted several critically acclaimed performance events, including a festival in Brooklyn, NY, open mic venues, showcases, slams, and a variety of special events. He has published two CD's and a DVD of his poetry, two books of poetry, and three math books. Jashua has been creating and implementing arts-infusion curricula for over 20 years. He has worked from kindergarten to university level, including special needs groups and correctional facilities. For over a decade he has been the Artistic Coordinator for the annual Spring Residency at the Kravis Center for Performing Arts.

A woman with long blonde hair smiling in front of trees, teaching artists.
Teaching Artist

Haydee Ullfig 

Haydee has been a teaching artist within various CCE programs since 2016. She holds a BBA from the University of Miami and an AA in Visual Arts from William Rainey Harper College, Palatine, IL and was awarded a scholarship for studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2008, Haydee received the opportunity to teach visual arts to children at the Coral Springs Museum of Art.  Teaching at the museum was an epiphany for Haydee, as she realized the positive impact that art can have on a child’s development of life skills such as self-esteem, multisensory and communication skills, problem solving and empathy. 

A professional teaching artist in a suit and tie.
Teaching Artist

Geraldo Vieira 

Geraldo Vieira is an experienced CCE Teaching Artist who has been with the program since 2003. He holds a B.S. in Art Education from the University of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil and has earned double M. Ed. degrees in CurriculuM, Instruction, and Educational Leadership from the American College of Education in Indianapolis. Currently, Geraldo is an art teacher for the School District of Palm Beach County and has served as the Fine Arts Department Chair. He has played an integral role in developing an art-integrated curriculum that meets academic educational standards and enhances the learning experience for all students.

A black and white photo featuring a woman standing in front of art, possibly indicating the involvement of teaching artists.
Teaching Artist

Milena Arango

Milena Arango is a dynamic and passionate teaching artist who has been inspiring young artists since 2021. She was born in Cali, Colombia and due to her mother's studies, she grew up traveling extensively in her childhood. Milena graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 2001. After graduation, she spent several years exploring the world of theater before focusing on her art practice. She is always finding new ways to keep her work dynamic and motivated, and she is constantly investigating and taking different art residencies around the world. Her dedication to her craft has led her to participate in art residencies such as the TASARA INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP 2014 in Calicut, India, and the RESIDENCIA DE ARTE - B&B MUSEO DE ARTE CONTEMPORANEA in Collinas, Sardegna, Italia - Workshop – Evolución Creativa in 2011. She believes that inspiring young artists is priceless and feels privileged to be able to share her passion for art with them.