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The Center for Creative Education has designed and opened The Foundations School, an elementary school for children focused on 33407, 33404, and 33401 neighborhoods. Less than 33% of the students in the five elementary schools around us read on grade level by the end of third grade! This is a local and a national crisis as only about 35% read proficiently by fourth grade nationally (NAEP). Early illiteracy can lead to early dropouts. Illiteracy not only harms students’ success in school but also damages individual hopes for the future and contributes to intergenerational poverty.

CCE’s Innovative Response

CCE wants to disrupt this literacy crisis through the use of creative strategies because our mission is to transform teaching and learning through creativity and the arts. Therefore, one of the school’s most important instructional strategies is to use creativity to engage students and increase their achievement.

References: National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP. (2019).


Black History Month: Living History Museum

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The Responsibility Awards

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Merriam-Webster defines the word “responsible” as, in part, “able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations.” Responsibility is a key element of a child’s social-emotional development; teaching them to take…

Celebrating Literacy Through Art

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Last month, The Foundations School joined the state of Florida in celebrating literacy. For one week, students had the opportunity to dress up for different themed days and hear from…

Sharing the Arts: A Partnership with Dreyfoos School of the Arts

By Allison Cary | February 3, 2023

Center for Creative Education (CCE) has formed another meaningful partnership in the community, working with students from Dreyfoos School of the Arts to provide afterschool mentorship to students at The…

Celebrating Literacy Week

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This week is Celebrate Literacy Week! Florida. Recognized by the Florida Department of Education, this year’s theme encourages children to dive into new worlds, with the goal of deepening the…

Technology In The Classroom

By Center for Creative Education | January 20, 2023

Today’s children are raised in a world full of technology. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand it. At The Foundations School, students in each grade spend 30 minutes…

Staff Spotlight: Deniece Williams

By Center for Creative Education | January 13, 2023

Deniece Williams wears a lot of hats at CCE. She is the mother of two rambunctious students at The Foundations School: Journei (1st grade) and Johnny (3rd grade). At the…

Arts Integration in 2nd Grade Social Studies

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In our second grade classes, students are using arts integration to learn about Native American communities in their social studies lessons. It is an opportunity for our students to learn…

Year In Review: 2022

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In the past year, Center for Creative Education has grown and changed. As we strive to meet our mission to transform teaching and learning, we have evolved to meet the…

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