Will You Help Us Finish What Susan and Dom Started?


In November 2021, Center for Creative Education launched a $20 million capital campaign to construct our new campus in West Palm Beach, with Palm Beach residents and prominent philanthropists Irene and Jim Karp serving as honorary campaign chairs. $16.5 million in funding has been raised to date, including donations from Susan and Dom Telesco, the Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation, Dan Catalfumo of Catalfumo Construction, the Conrad Hilton Foundation, the William H. Pitt Foundation, and the Jasteka Foundation.

In August 2022, thanks to the generous support of our donors, CCE opened The Foundations School at the site of the old Lincoln Culinary School in West Palm Beach. We are now looking ahead to Phase Two of our campaign, where we will focus on funding the new Susan and Dom Telesco Arts & Science Center.

A rendering of a building with cars parked in front of it, showcasing the successful outcomes of a capital campaign.


A rendering of a building with palm trees in front of it, showcasing the potential for a successful capital campaign.
The Susan and Dom Telesco Arts & Science Center will be a 22,000 square-foot building located in the northeastern part of CCE's campus. It will be a community gathering space offering a 200-seat theater, STEM labs, art studios, a Mac Lab, an art gallery, meeting spaces, and more. We are currently in the planning and fundraising phase of this expansion. Read more about Phase Two in our Case For Support.


A group of children participating in a capital campaign, posing in front of a tent.

WFLX Fox 29 News: Groundbreaking Coverage

A group of people participating in a capital campaign standing in front of a building with shovels.

Capital Campaign Donors*

  • Aaron Lynn Warren

  • Adele S. Merck

  • Alaena Haber

  • Alice Pannill

  • Annette H. Martinez

  • Ben Starling, III

  • Berton & Sallie Korman Family Foundation

  • Herbert J. And Beverly J. Myers Charitable Foundation

  • Blue Sea Capital, LLC

  • Brad and Pam Miller

  • Bruce and Claudia Helander

  • Carol Rosetti

  • Caroline Harless

  • Carter and Afsy Pottash

  • Charles and The Honorable Jeri Muoio

  • Charlotte Burton

  • Chris and Anne Flowers

  • Christian and Ann-Britt Angle

  • Christian T. and Doris Mittweg

  • Christine Harasz

  • Christopher and Margaret Sinclair

  • Citizens Bank

  • Clermont Foundation

  • Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

  • Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation

  • Courtney Arnot

  • Cynthia F. Sulzberger

  • Cythlen C. Maddock

  • Danielle Levinson

  • David and Kristen Lambert

  • David and Sondra Mack

  • David and Suzanne Frisbie

  • Deborah Koepper

  • Deborah Lyeth Master

  • Deborah Schwarz

  • Dede Pickering and Bruce Bossidy

  • Donna Bucella

  • Dr. and Mrs. Kishore Dass

  • Drew and Austin Koeneman

  • Dwayne Taylor

  • Edith R. Dixon

  • Edward and Barbara Callahan

  • Edward Schmidt and Ozzie Medeiros

  • Eileen Lyons and Mark Wolf

  • Eric and Laurel Hansen

  • Eric Telchin

  • Frank and Jeanne Shanley

  • Frank and Eileen Bresnan

  • Gary and Rona Sterling

  • The Gayda Family Foundation

  • Geoffrey S. Rehnert Family Charitable Fund

  • Gil Walsh

  • Gladys and Sy Ziv Foundation Inc.

  • Graham and Kara Davidson

  • Harry and Jana Jones

  • HSM Charitable Foundation

  • Irene Goodkind

  • James and Betsy Meany

  • James Borynack and Adolfo Zaralegui

  • James Loeschen

  • James Tennant

  • Jane Ylvisaker

  • Jasteka Foundation

  • Jeffrey and Nancy Smith

  • Jennifer Rogers

  • Jessica Gruber

  • Jewish Community Foundation

  • Jim and Michele Kukla

  • John and Beverlee Raymond

  • John and Evelyn Smykla

  • John and Rena Blades

  • Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla

  • Joseph Paul Davis

  • Josephine L. DuPont Bayard

  • Joshua Berry and Nicole Myers

  • JPMorgan Wealth

  • Karen Restaino

  • Karin Luter

  • Kelly Sanchez

  • Kenneth Strahan

  • Kristine Geils

  • Lance Montano

  • Linda Sanders

  • Marcy Loomis

  • Margaret Donnelley

  • Margaret Wilesmith

  • Maria Lowther

  • Mary Lewis Moews

  • Mary Mahoney

  • Merrilyn Bardes

  • Michael and Joan Steinberg

  • Michael Gibbons

  • Michael Howard

  • Michael Moser

  • Miller Norman

  • Mimi McMakin

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Damgard

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson

  • Ms. Alice Hanley and Mr. Charles Crocker

  • Nancy Garcia

  • Nancy Goodes

  • Nick Scheiwe

  • Norma Wood

  • Pamela Harff

  • Pamela O'Connor

  • Patricia Brams

  • Patrick and Milly Park, Park Foundation

  • Patrick Guarini

  • Paul and Betsy Shiverick

  • Paula Butler

  • Paulette Koch

  • Philip Friedly

  • Phyllis Kirwan

  • Quest Contracting, LLC

  • Raymond Lucchetti and Barry Kean

  • Richard and Pamela Williams

  • Rick and Janice Scaglione

  • Robert and Lydia Forbes

  • Robert L. Hamon

  • Robert and Raissa Johnson

  • Robert and Susan Wright

  • Roman and Helena Martinez

  • Ron and Amy Kochman

  • Rose McEwen

  • Russell and Nancy Bourne

  • Salesia Smith-Gordon

  • Sami Dharia

  • Sean and Erin McGould

  • Sean Dunne

  • Sharon H. Jacquet

  • Sheila Wilson

  • Shelley and Ann Stewart

  • Slatkow and Husak

  • Somers Farkas

  • Spina O'Rourke + Partners

  • Split Rock Foundation

  • Susan Lloyd

  • Susan Pertnoy

  • Talbott Maxey

  • Tamara Watkins

  • Tamera Pompea

  • Taylor Materio

  • Ted and Heidi Ashton

  • The Telesco Family Foundation

  • The Ara D. Cohen Charitable Lead Trust

  • The Connors Foundation

  • The Deatherage Family Foundation

  • The Ellen and Ian Graham Foundation

  • The Goergen Foundation, Inc.

  • The International Society of Palm Beach

  • The Kessler Family Foundation

  • The William H. Pitt Foundation

  • Thomas C. Quick Charitable Trust

  • Tommy and Dee Hilfiger

  • Vicki Halmos

  • Wilbur and Hilary Geary Ross

  • William and Carole Strawbridge

  • William and Cathy Brienza Ingram

  • William and Norma Tiefel

  • William H. and Laura Orlove

  • Willits Foundation

  • Zoe Panarites

*as of February 27th, 2024

The center for creative education launching a capital campaign to move campuses and serve more students.

Our Students

Most of our students live in economically and socially challenging circumstances and are considered “at risk” of educational failure. At The Foundations School, we provide these students with a safe space to learn, create, and be themselves. Our arts-integrated approach gives children different avenues for understanding and growth.

Through all our educational services, the Center for Creative Education prepares students for the future by developing their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Our arts-based projects invite exploration,  team building, and cooperation. These positive learning experiences can change the way that students think about themselves and school.



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Room naming opportunities at CCE's new campus are also available.
Contact Jonathon Ortiz-Smykla, Chief Advancement Officer for a list of opportunities. / (561) 805-9927 x106