10 Reasons the Foundations School is helping students soar:

We ensure grade-level reading
We practice creativity and arts integration
We treat teachers as professionals
We have low student-to-teacher ratios
We ensure assessments drive
We have extended day
We support social and emotional learning
We focus on digital technology
We build community into the classroom and beyond
We are a demonstration school


"Because of COVID-19, we quickly pivoted to create an in-person learning environment to help the most at-risk students read on grade level."  - Robert L. Hamon, President & CEO


"When I grow up, I want to be a doctor so I can help make sick people better."

Miyona M., The Foundations School Student

"The Foundations School understands that the arts are crucial to creating well-rounded and well-prepared learners and leaders."

Irene Karp, Arts In Education Advocate

"My family and I proudly support CCE because it changes children's lives. Our support is especially important now, as we cannot have an in-person event to raise funds. Underserved children need our help now more than ever."

James Meany, Board Chair

"The school's low student-to-teacher ratio helps me address all my students' needs. Most importantly, no child in a small class ever feels left behind."

John Edouassaint ("Mr. Ed"), The Foundations School

Here is how you can help transform teaching and learning through creativity and the arts:
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Classroom Teacher Sponsorship (Academic Year - One Classroom)

Classroom Paraeducator Sponsorship (Academic Year - One Classroom)

Student Scholarship (Includes Summer School and Aftercare)

iPads with Charging Station (Entire School)

Student Scholarship (Academic Year)

Teaching Artist Sponsorship (Academic Year - One Classroom)

Paraeducator (Summer School and Aftercare - One Classroom)

Document Cameras and Projectors (Entire School)

Student Scholarship (Summer School and Aftercare)

Classroom Teacher Sponsorship (Summer School - One Classroom)

Student Scholarship (One Trimester)

Educational Resources, Book for Home, and Art Supplies (Academic Year - One Classroom)

Classroom Library (One Classroom)

Food for One Child (Includes Academic Year and Summer School)

Interactive Science Equipment (One Classroom) Water Tables, Incubators, Grow Labs, etc.

Professional Development Workshop for Teachers and Staff

Educational and Artistic Supplies (Summer School and Aftercare - One Classroom)

Off-Site Learning Excursion for Students (Entire School)

Student Scholarship (One Week)

Student Scholarship (One Day)


Any amount helps us to achieve our mission in transforming teaching and learning through creativity and the arts!

Lavaria Poole

Thank you for your support!