Sharing the Arts: A Partnership with Dreyfoos School of the Arts

Center for Creative Education (CCE) has formed another meaningful partnership in the community, working with students from Dreyfoos School of the Arts to provide afterschool mentorship to students at The Foundations School. Students from the “Sharing the Arts” club will run a ten-week program at The Foundations School that will give third and fourth grade students an opportunity to learn about an art form of their choosing.

“The partnership will be beneficial for our children,” said Dr. Susan Wemette, Director of Arts Integration and Creativity at CCE. “They’ll have talented teens who have a passion for their art form to mentor them and get them engaged and excited about their own potential and possibilities.”

To prepare for this program, students from Dreyfoos School of the Arts came to The Foundations School to showcase the various art forms that students could learn. Their performances included an acapella vocal quartet, a string quartet, and a variety of dancers. Students and staff from The Foundations School were blown away by their talent and dedication.

After the performance, third and fourth grade students got the opportunity to talk to the students from Dreyfoos School of the Arts and begin thinking about their own artistic paths.

“Sharing the Arts” is funded by Philanthropy Tank, an organization “dedicated to challenging and equipping students to implement sustainable service-driven solutions to problems impacting our community.” Since 2015, Philanthropy Tank has awarded over $700,000 in funding to over 70 programs in Palm Beach County and Baltimore, Maryland.

CCE is grateful for this exciting opportunity to help our older students develop their talent and passion for the arts. You can see more photos from the Dreyfoos School of the Arts performance on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more information about how The Foundations School is transforming teaching and learning, click here.