The Last Day of School

Student writes on worksheet on last day of school.

The Foundations School officially wrapped up our first school year at our new campus on Thursday, June 1st. To celebrate the end of the year, families came for the third and final round of student-led conferences, seeing firsthand how their children grew academically and personally over the course of the year. After the conferences, families went to the cafeteria for hamburgers, hot dogs, and socializing.

During the student-led conferences, families listened attentively as their children walked them through their portfolio of work. Students showed their families the artwork that hung on the walls and introduced their families to their friends. Families were able to speak with teachers and thank them for all they had done for their children. Teachers got emotional as they said goodbye to their students for the summer.

The first year in our new home was definitely a success. The bright, warm space gave students plenty of room to explore and create. We were able to host events for students, families, and donors alike in our cafeteria. And the outdoor area gave students space to run around and play.

This year also saw an improvement in our academic scores. At the start of the school year, only 28% of students were reading on or above grade level. By the end of the year, that number improved to 63%. And in third grade, we finished the year with 89% of our students reading on or above grade level. That’s 35% higher than Palm Beach County and 61% higher than the average of the schools in our surrounding area.

With this school year coming to an end, we are excited about CCE’s Summer Academy at The Foundations School, which started on Monday, June 12th. We’re also looking ahead to the start of the new school year this fall, when we will welcome our first fifth grade class. You can click here to learn more about The Foundations School and how we’re transforming teaching and learning through creativity and the arts.