Last week, The Foundations School wrapped up our first full academic year. To celebrate, we held a small graduation ceremony for our kindergarten class, who will begin their journey as first grade students in the fall. 

Families were invited to come and see our 2022 kindergarten class, who started the ceremony by walking and taking their seats in the front. Their teacher, Mrs. Brock, said a few words before the students got up from their seats and performed a song and dance about everything they learned in kindergarten and how excited they are for first grade. 

“My teachers are the best,” the kids sang. “Better than the rest. They taught me so much, and I put it to the test.” 

After the performance, each student walked up to the front of the room, where they received a “diploma.” Mrs. Brock read each student’s name and shared what they want to be when grow up. One student even said he wanted to be a teacher like Mrs. Brock. 

After students received diplomas, teachers and staff said some parting words. Once the ceremony ended, families were able to take pictures with their children using fun graduation decorations and props before heading to the all-school family picnic. 

The graduation ceremony was a fun way to honor our kindergarten students, some of whom just completed their first full year of school. We can’t wait to see what they do next year as first graders, and to welcome a new class of kindergartners in the fall! 

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